What my clients say

About Coaching

Eve, your style of delivery is amazing! Very welcoming and non judgemental. People feel heard, validated and appreciated by you and its fab to hear you share your own experience of using the techniques and how it's changed your life.

I loved the delivery over zoom and that the timing suited me in terms of having my daughter in bed so I could properly focus.

I have the power to change the things in my life I don't like or want to improve.

I preferred the course on an evening on Zoom because I felt more confident to share and it's convenient for me and the kids.

Always encouraging and positive, she really helped me break through some of the fears that were holding me back too.

The wealth of knowledge that Eve has as a life coach made me seek deeper within my emotions as to why I was stuck where I was and I found inner peace, calm and focus.

Working with Eve to help deal with my anxiety was different to all other experiences I've had with psychologists or counsellors. Instead of allowing me to wallow in my feelings and over-analysing them, Eve always managed to get me to turn my thinking on its head.

Eve instinctively knows how to guide your thought process to help you create your own solutions. This makes for an extremely empowering session and I always felt excited to go and put into practice what we had discussed.

I have become more wary of how I may be attracting negative things and how I should aim to improve myself on a more regular basis.

The courses you do always have a profound effect on my life and wellbeing. They help me to focus on things to change and how to gain confidence, heal, accept, move forward, set goals etc. Your courses over the years have provided me with so much self help skills to better my life

I’ve learnt that feelings, thoughts, they are what control our lives and what comes into our lives and therefore I must be constantly aware of what I’m telling myself and thinking to change how I feel to get more positivity in my life.

I am now conscious of my feelings and know they come from a thought and try and catch them before they become negative.

I’m so grateful and blessed to have met you, and I’m grateful for the time, effort, care, and energy you put into your courses.

About Training

I enjoyed learning to evaluate myself as an individual.

SarahFamily support worker

Eve kept us interested, focused and engaged throughout.

ChloeEarly years practitioner

I have learned more about who I am and what I want to work on to improve.

SamFamily outreach worker

I learnt different strategies to deal with emotions,using empathy.

GemmaChildren's centre manager