Practitioner Training

Training and workshops can be delivered directly to your clients, or to your staff.

Eve Remington coaching, training and workshops are beneficial for managers and staff working in family support, health and social care, education, and childcare.

Training supports practitioners to develop:

Capacity for skilful intervention and evidence based practice

Deeper understanding of the complex difficulties families experience

Resilience, self awareness, and reflective practice

Key Messages for practitioner training

  • Practitioners to feel confident supporting families to be positive and resourceful.

  • Practitioners will explore how to use their skills to support parents, focussing on the importance of nurturing themselves to care for their family and meet their needs.

  • Strategies implemented from the training provided can be evidenced and captured under Ofsted’s ‘personal development, behaviour and welfare’ section.

Popular training includes

  • Self awareness
    Harnessing personal power to impact positive personal change
  • Transition
    Supporting parents and children to manage change
  • Communication skills
    Ability and confidence to use empathy and share feelings effectively
  • Enhancing wellbeing
    How to improve well being and self care
  • Work life balance
    Harmonious blending of personal and professional needs
  • Working with parents
    Working with resistance and conflict