Professional Coaching Packages

When staff feel more content they are more resourceful, flexible and better equipped to work towards company goals.

I offer individual or team coaching to staff, supporting strategy development in managing stress, developing resilience and dealing with demands of their roles.

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Each Package Includes

Continuous Support

In between sessions, you will have my support via email, text and telephone.

Additional sessions

You have the option to purchase additional coaching sessions at the single session price of the package you choose.

Suitable for all

Coaching is most effective on a one to one basis, as it is tailored to individual needs. Groups can also benefit from coaching.

Enhance Package

  • 3 sessions

  • Increase self-awareness and wellbeing to enhance your levels of productivity and professional effectiveness. Be empowered to explore the current situation and take action to improve the areas that need focus and positivity.
  • £285

    £95 per session
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Impact Package

  • 6 sessions

  • Improve emotional wellbeing and work/life balance to become more confident, resourceful and constructive. Evolve and develop through the sessions to create growth, both personally and professionally, with lasting impact and outcomes.
  • £540

    £90 per session
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Excellence Package

  • 12 sessions

  • Invest in your staff to unlock their potential to develop on a journey towards personal and professional excellence. The Excellence Package increases mindfulness, well being, clarity and perspective to make long lasting shifts with valuable life changing results.
  • £960

    £80 per session
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About Professional Coaching

Improvement in an employee’s emotional wellbeing can result in increased self-esteem and ultimately enhance performance.

Many businesses, schools and Local Authorities invest in staff wellbeing as it adds value to their organisations and the teams they manage. Benefits include an improvement in how staff work together, communicate, build relationships, improve performance and enhance team dynamics.

Where staff are now

When staff are struggling to manage their work/life balance, or experience difficulties in their life, it can impact in various ways, which can be a challenge to support and manage. Professional coaching is a way of supporting your staff in an independent and confidential way.

Where staff want to be

Coaching framework supports staff to look at areas of their personal and professional life and make positive changes to create more balance and improve performance.

How the staff will achieve this

Coaching allows staff to explore their strengths, face challenges more confidently, eliminate barriers and remove limiting beliefs. This is done via embracing coaching and NLP techniques within sessions and take home tasks between sessions.

Coaching Delivery Method

For Professional Coaching

Sessions can be arranged at my office in Halifax or at your workplace, office or school. Travel costs will be added to the package price.

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Coaching Benefits

  • Improves emotional wellbeing
  • Develops individual sense of focus and direction
  • Increases motivation
  • Builds self esteem and self efficacy
  • Supports staff to manage the impact of their personal life at work
  • Strengthens staff confidence
  • Supports change and transition
  • Enhances personal and professional development
  • Empowers staff to manage stress and reduce anxiety
  • Grow more effective communication skills