About Me

Certified Life Coach

Hello, I'm Eve. I'm on a mission to support people, to know how amazing they really are.
I empower others to learn to love and accept themselves, heal painful past experiences, which allows them to create a life they love.

I love my life, it is full of incredible experiences, people, memories and relationships. I work on my personal development journey to continue to feel confident, calm, in control, clear, and inspired. I make myself a priority and put myself first, as only then, can I feel fully resourced and ready to go out into the world and be the best version of myself.

Once we tap in to our inner resourcefulness, we grow, we connect, and we create lasting transformations in our lives. The coaching journey is a wonderful one, with outcomes as awesome as they were intended to be, and often more powerful than imagined for many clients.

So, it has become my life’s work and pleasure to help others to stop living a from a place of anxiety and overwhelm and instead create a life that feels meaningful, joyful and calm.

If you are ready to transform your thoughts, remove your fears and achieve your goals, please get in touch, I am ready to support you.

  • Base Location: Halifax, West Yorkshire, UK.
  • Business Hours: Mon to Sun - Flexible.
  • Zoom sessions cover: International
    Face to Face sessions cover: West Yorkshire.

We all have to be ready to make changes, it's all about improvement and self-discovery.
I would love to support you through your journey.


I am a Certified Life Coach and Trainer

My academic background includes:

  • Psychology BSc (Hons)
  • Psychology MSc (Hons)
  • Diploma in Life Coaching
  • Diploma in NLP


  • Coaching clients and parents to achieve their personal, professional and business goals
  • Working with Local Authorities, schools and voluntary sector organisations to improve emotional wellbeing for staff
  • Training practitioners to improve emotional wellbeing of adults and children
  • Volunteering for self development courses nationally