Parent Workshops

Training and workshops can be delivered directly to you, your family, your clients, or to your staff.

Eve Remington coaching, training and workshops are beneficial for managers and staff working in family support, health and social care, education, and childcare.

Workshops support parents to:

Learn new skills to lead an
emotionally healthy life

Increase empathy, understanding,
and self care

Focus on solutions and positivity
to enhance family life

Popular workshops

  • Create a life you love
    Aims to enhance personal focus, motivation and balance
  • Be the best version of you
    Aims to improve self awareness and build resilience
  • Be confident, be you
    Aims to increase confidence, assertiveness skills and self esteem
  • Positive Parents, Confident Children
    Aims to improve parent-child relationship via positive parenting strategies
  • Healthy Sleep, Happy Family
    Aims to explore issues around sleep and promote helpful routines
  • Emotional Intelligence
    Aims to enhance awareness about how to be aware of, control, and express one's emotions, and manage interpersonal relationships

Key Messages for parent workshops

  • Build on existing strengths

  • Develop new skills

  • Increase confidence

  • Use self efficacy to improve family life and achieve positive outcomes

Eve Remington Coaching

Help a parent and you've already helped the child.

Johana Scot

Training and Workshop information

A full training needs analysis can be undertaken, ensuring your bespoke training, workshops and coaching needs will be met. Sessions are designed to be informative, focused, fun and interactive.

All sessions are practical, empowering and thought provoking.
A variety of learning techniques will be used to maintain engagement and take in to account all learning styles, including:

  •   Group work

  •   Practical activities

  •   Role play

  •   Tasks in pairs

  •   Personal reflection

  •   Coaching

Half day training and workshops start at


+ travel expenses

Full day training and workshops start at


+ travel expenses

Eve is keen to share ideas, discuss specific requirements and develop bespoke training packages

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